Leaders in Business, Healthcare and AI Come Together to Uncover a Blueprint for Financial and Operational Success

WALNUT CREEK, CA March 6, 2018 — As our nation continues its steady shift to value based care, a new company, Ark.one Health, has harnessed the power of AI to combat financial uncertainty with data-driven recommendations for health systems as they navigate new payment models. Ark.one’s pioneering AI technology leverages a corpus of clinical knowledge to pair process-level recommendations with forecasts of savings and quality improvement.

Ark.one is the product of a strong, multi-dimensional team with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the healthcare industry and the potential of AI. Proven track records as founders of companies like Apixio and in leadership roles at Sutter Health, BlueCross Blue Shield, Geisinger Health and Archimedes (an offshoot of Kaiser Permanente) prepared them for this transformational venture. Co-founder and Chief Medical & Innovation Officer Dr. Mark Selna explains, “process design in healthcare is often based on guesswork, subjectivity, hope and devoid of financial rigor. Tools that can analyze large diverse historical data sets and identify the highest-impact opportunities are the key to enabling stakeholder engagement, rapid change, and sustainable design. This is the technology that I have been seeking my entire career.”

As to the technological background of Ark.one, co-founder and CTO Andy Schuetz says, “I have been working at the intersection of high-scale computing and healthcare data modeling for many years but the progress we are now seeing in AI and its applications is truly remarkable. Using a combination of machine learning techniques including deep learning, we are now able to extract insights from various data types including clinical, claims and cost accounting to recommend and inform process-level changes based on very specific clinical outcome and cost objectives.”

Ark.one’s promise lies in the potential to answer key questions with data-driven recommendations that lead to transformational, process level change: Which process-level improvement opportunities should be focused on and which are necessary to achieve a desired outcome? How much performance improvement is realistic in a given period? What evidence is needed to convince clinicians and operators to change behavior? And crucially, what’s the expected return on investment?

Ark.one’s software as a service solution is bringing this knowledge in-house to health systems and empowering them to improve their care-team performance and process effectiveness. “By enabling front line operations to streamline processes while equipping leadership with real-time financial information,” Co-Founder & CEO, Shawn Dastmalchi says “Ark.one offers the foundation for building a learning health care system.”

Ark.one Health is a predictive analytics solution provider enabling health systems and plans to optimize financial performance of their operations and value-based contracts.
For more information contact Shawn Dastmalchi at info@ark.one (415) 993-ARK1

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